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Testamonials: Gallery


Q- Who is able to receive a backpack?

A- Our backpacks are available to anyone who is trying to leave a violent relationship. 

Q- Does the victim have to pay for a backpack full of resources?

A- No.  The backpacks are free to victims and come with specific guidelines to benefit their safety.

Q- How do you get the backpacks to the victims ?

A- Backpacks are delivered to  lock boxes located in proximity to the victims address. The victim will NOT have to worry about leaving with the pack, or the abuser finding the pack. It will be waiting.

Q- Is Pak'D Project a shelter?

A- No, Pak'D Project is designed to help leave and keep the victim safe at an unknown location, while planning their next move. 

Q- Does Pak'D Project offer legal and other services

A- No.  The backpack has a manual, with quick go to information.  This information includes numbers for services such as legal as well as housing.  

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