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Our Pak'D Backpacks

Our backpacks are comprised of 4 major elements. Each with a unique design
to allow a victim to make their difficult moves. 

The First Element : The Guide Book 

Stream lined and organized for the user, this guidebook will provide all of the essental knowledege for planning their next moves. 

The Second Element : The Hospitality Kit

Victims should not have to go without essential items often left behind or unattainable. All bathroom items are sized for a minimum of 3 days. 

The Third Element : The Wallet

This provides financial support for everyday living.

The wallet contains gift cards to provide provisions for a minimum of 3 days, as necessary. 

- The provisions provided are for needs such as but not limited to; shelter (temporary), food, specific essentials, access to their own bank account, discount for medication needs, and transportation needs. 

The Forth Element: The Cell Phone

This essential tool allows for a victim to communicate and continue daily functions apart from their abuser. 

*All phones are non contract phones and can be used past the 30 day support period, contingent upon the user. 

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